Filmmaker, Editor, Storyteller, Singer, lyricist 

When Amitabh met the girl his parents wanted him to marry, the first thing he told her was that he was a trained Editor from the Film and Television Institute Pune, but he was not sure he wanted to continue Editing Films all his life. He said he was not sure what he wanted to do. He would take some time to figure that out. The girl decided to figure it out with him,  And they got married on the 24th of October 1999.


Seventeen years of being together and experimenting with various aspects of Film Making. Today they have a company called ME TWO FILMS.

Interesting as it may sound ME TWO is about Amitabh and Shruti. A team that divides roles every time they embark on a new journey of Production. From being a producer to hard core production, From a Director to an Editor, from a writer to a lyricist, from a singer to even cooking for the Unit, there is nothing that they have not personally supervised.

That Is Me Two Films For You.